Terms and Conditions


1.    You are to place an official order by any of  the following means:

  • via partner travel agencies
  • on our website, filling the application form online
  • in an e-mail, with all the relevant details (info@somogytranszfer.hu)
  • in person, visiting our customer service office
  • by phone, calling 06-20-2000-222

2.    You are required to provide the following details so that your reservation can be accepted:

  • full name
  • pick-up address
  • phone number
  • e-mail address
  • date of departure / arrival
  • time of departure / arrival
  • flight number
  • amount of (carry-on) luggage
  • special requests (if any)

If you wish to carry with you some extra luggage in addition to your handbag and two normal-sized suitcases (maximum 20 kg/ person), please, let us know about its weight and dimensions in advance.

3.    On carrying unconventional pieces of luggage /like a pram (baby carriage), bicycle, pet etc./ you will be required an extra charge of 1500 HUF. (Contact us for availability.)

4.     Current prices as quoted include journeys leaving from Kaposvár. In case of designating other settlements/areas as a starting point or a destination, you will be informed about your special rates.
The list of standard prices does not include special offers and reductions, which you can learn about clicking special offers. 

5.    We will respond to your reservation every time either by e-mail, text message or phone. As long as you do not receive an indication of starting time from us until 6 p.m. the previous day to departure, please, be sure to phone us for settling on an appropriate pick-up time.
We will deal with your reservations in order of arrival.
Note that any reservation arriving less than three days prior to the date of departure will be dealt with considering the existing arrangements.


6.    A reservation may be altered free of charge. Nevertheless, it may not be considered if we are not informed three days before the time of journey, or modifications affect existing agreements with other customers.
In case of cancelation, you will recive refound of the 50% of the whole transfer price.

7.    In case of a return journey it is possible that the time of return might change, in which case there will be no extra charge involved as long as you call us at least 24 hours before the appointed arrival. However, then you must appreciate that we must adapt our services to suit all all the passengers’ needs, and we might be unable to provide a car at the exact time required.

Running times / Waiting

8. We do our best to transport you to your specified destination safely on time.

9. Operators endevour to keep to the running time (on route Kaposvár- Budapest approximately 2 and a half hours, between Kaposvár and Sármellék 1 hour and 15 minutes on average), however, we cannot predict every eventuality, therefore,depending on weather and road conditions we might calculate running times (to both destinations) occassionally up to 60-90 minutes longer than the real time.
We can provide pickup at any place of your choice, but having collected other passengers, we might arrive at the address specified by you up to 15 minutes late to the time expected. Our services are based on trips with passengers being ready to travel  at the time and place as specified. If a customer delays the services 30 minutes or more, our company will not be liable for any delays in terms of getting to the airport in adequate time.
We do not offer a permanent route, it may be adapted to the particular orders and personal needs.

10. The company is not responsible for any delays caused by outside influences, unexpected events and obstacles (such as road constructions, road repairs, road accidents etc.), nevertheless, we will continue to strive to avoid them.

11. Passengers will be informed by the company in advance where they will be awaited on arrival by plane.

12. The terminals at Budapest Ferihegy might be busy taking and dropping a great number of passengers at the same time, so there is a possibility that our vehicle may not be staying at your terminal at the given time, in which case you are supposed to remain at the arrivals area of the terminal and wait for the driver to show up.

13. If your flight has been delayed, we guarantee to wait for you at the airport for up to 90 minutes over the specified time, however, taking the best interests of other passengers into consideration we are not liable to wait any longer than 90 minutes. Our vehicle will leave without you, in which case the operator will make contact with you telling you the expected time of departure of our next car, which could possibly involve a few hours’ waiting. Refusing the proposed time you are not eligible to receive a transport or a refund.

14. Our company reserves the right to provide a transport from the airport with extended waiting time, in particular, when expecting passengers from several different flights.

15. The customer is to assume financial responsibility for any damage to the vehicle caused by him/her as a passenger.
A customer carrying an infectious disease, being intoxicated or narcotized  may be denied access to our transport.
It is forbidden to transport any objects that may pose a threat to either the passengers or the vehicle. You are not allowed to carry sharp objects (like knives and scissors), guns, corrosive and flammable materials, poisonous chemicals, or anything that may damage, ruin or dirty the passengers’ belongings or the vehicle itself.

16. If we are found to be at fault for causing  damage during the course of transport, the company is financially responsible for restitution payments up to the amount of the fare.

Payment conditions

17. A payment is considered received when it is credited to the company’s account (Nagybajom és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet, account number: 67100169-10007235), or received in cash in our customer service office or at any of our partner agencies. 
In case of ordering we ask for payment of 50% of the whole payment, the final payment for services is due no later than 3 days prior to start of the journey, otherwise we are forced to renege our agreement and terminate the contract with you.

Coming into effect of the contract

18. You can only apply for our sevices accepting the terms and conditions as stated above. The contract with a customer will not come into force until the passenger (or his/her representative) has made a reservation as indicated by the company, paid the full amount of fare, received a proof of payment, received a confirmation from the company, acknowledged reading the attached document (’Terms and Conditions’) and announced its acceptance.
As long as you book a service on behalf of several passengers, you are liable for signing a contract and assuming responsibility for them.
Giving sufficient information to passengers on terms and conditions is always the duty of the one who takes the booking.

Kaposvár, 22nd June 2009

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